From the 5 fertile manufacturing facilities in Bethlehem, Amman and Muscat, occupying a space of 380,000 m2 and equipped with the highest machinery and technology, Nassar annually produces more than 2 million square meters of finely finished stone slabs and cut to size tiles; all of which come in a myriad of shades , textures, and tints to suit every taste and style.


Delicate stones are re-inforced with epoxy resin and fiberglass netting to strengthen their hold. Special care is taken for stones with open veins by filling and impregnating thetheir surfaces automatically with resin for a smooth finish.


  • Tiles of small standard dimenions are beveledunless otherwise mentioned. Larger tilesgenerally come with no bevel and when required the bevel is done by hand.
  • Tiles are polished to the edge. For honed tiles, a special brush is used to insure that honning marks do not appear on the surface.
  • Acceptable variations on measures are: Length (+/- 0.5mm), Width (+/- 0.5mm), Thickness (+/- 1.0mm), Sureness (+/- 1.0mm), Flatness (+/- 1.0mm).


  • Allowed variation on thickness is 1-2mm
  • Slabs of fragile nature are back re-inforced.
  • The polish is done to the maximum and is measured by a gloss meter.